Several successful bakers have said some very nice things about BakeSmart.

"BakeSmart has become the keystone to our operation. It gives us the ability to take orders locally, over the internet, or remotely at any of our four retail locations while instantaneously viewing them across town at our production facility. This allows us to let the computer do the work of tabulating baking charts, inventories, and work schedules.

We no longer are burdened by hand-written, paper tickets that have to be filed, altered, and retrieved at pickup. The POS system, in addition to processing sales, links each cake ticket to a transaction while reporting who gave out the cake, what money was taken, and when they picked it up.

All this in a searchable, customizable, & secure structure that can quickly give you all the information you desire about your sales (and salespeople)! "

  • Larry Merritt
  • Certified Master Baker, CMB #110
  • Past President, Retail Bakers of America
  • Co-founder RPIA

"We had a home grown POS system since 1983 and as I neared retirement our company sought an integrated POS system with production tracking capability. We tried the industry's oldest computer data packing company for two years but they could never resolve their data and program problems.

It made us gun-shy of any baking industry program we tried other POS systems that didn't work. It took two more years of listening to my fellow bakers who touted Bakesmart to finally make up my mind .

Bakesmart has addressed every concern we've had and helped to make our system function far beyond any we've seen or tried. Thank you Bakesmart for your cutting edge programs and super service!"

  • Matt D'Agostino
  • Certified Master Baker
  • Past President, Retail Bakers of America
  • Co-founder RPIA
  • La Bonbonniere Bake Shoppes, Edison, NJ, Since 1952

"We had never run a POS system before but we needed to make the move...so we took the leap...it has been the best move we have ever made! I had a full grasp of it by the third day. That had never happened with any software before. It is by far the most complete system on the market, and I highly recommend it.

It is a wonderful system and we couldn't live without it."

  • Mark Atwood
  • 2007 Baker of the Year
  • Certified Madster Baker
  • Co-founder RPIA
  • Alexandria, LA

"I have used or reviewed most of the POS software available to the Bakery & Restaurant industry and have not found any software designed specifically for bakeries that really works. Most are skewed to a quick-service restaurant format which does not work well in a bakery environment. The bakery software was worse.

BakeSmart is the most user-friendly POS software we have used in terms of the cashier, the back office and installation. It customizes so well to the various types of products in a bakery deli-café environment in each of our five stores. It is fast and takes very little time to learn. The Customer Orders and Custom Cakes modules integrate excellently to allow you the total Order-POS solution... something desperately needed in the baking industry.

I would recommend anyone needing to upgrade their POS system to make the decision to go with BakeSmart!"

  • Randy McArthur
  • 2004 Baker of the Year
  • Past President, Retail Bakers of America
  • Co-founder RPIA
  • St. Louis, MO

"I would like to thank you for the promise you kept when I purchased BakeSmart two years ago.

Not only did I get all the improvements that I requested I received so many more and am thrilled. I used a competing product for 12 years and never got so many improvements in that time period.

Both my locations can now be updated from one centralized place, updating products and pricing was never so easy.

I can't say enough about the ease of setting up Custom Cake orders. I was never able to do it in 12 years with a different bakery software program, but it only took two days with your system. The staff at BakeSmart are doing a tremendous job - keep up the good work and enhancements!"

  • Vincent Gencarelli
  • Gencarelli's Bakery
  • Bloomfield, NJ

"Thank you so much for dropping everything this afternoon to help us in our hour of need!

We couldn't possibly have gotten the tills up and running without your help, and you saved us at least half a day's sales because of your dedication to providing excellent customer service, as well as an excellent product.

We continue to be happy with our decision to purchase BakeSmart due to the excellent product, and more importantly, to the excellent support we receive from you and your team."

  • Kim Weaver
  • Quality Bakery
  • Invermere, BC, Canada

"We had been looking for a bakery software program quite a while. Trying to find a program that fit our bakery was not easy because all of the programs we looked at had some good points, but none of them were able to fit all of our needs.

Then we looked at BakeSmart. With the ease of use and the ability to customize it, BakeSmart fit our bakery.

BakeSmart could help us immediately and it will grow with our business.

  • Rick Boone
  • Current President, Retail Bakers of America
  • Fayetteville, AR