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BakeSmart is ready to start working for your bakery the moment it's installed. BakeSmart's base package allows you to connect 3 computers to BakeSmart, creating efficiencies and reinforcing accountability throughout your bakery. All of the standard modules below are included in our base package. From our touch screen point of sale module to our purchase orders and lot tracking, BakeSmart will help automate several of your day-to-day tasks, freeing you up to focus on your customers or that exciting new formula you're perfecting.

BakeSmart's optional modules expand the functionality of BakeSmart to centralize, simplify and standardize even more of your bakery's operations. From Custom Cake and Wholesale orders to employee Time Cards and eCommerce, BakeSmart helps eliminate pitfalls and tedium of running a business.

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Standard Modules

Included in every BakeSmart purchase

Point of Sale

Interact and Transact...Fast. Touch screen monitors and BakeSmart's easy to use interface allow your employees to complete transactions in seconds. BakeSmart's POS module integrates seamlessly with the Customer Orders and Timekeeping modules.

Customizable Screens Eliminate Clutter. Buttons on the layout you don't need? Turn them off with a click. BakeSmart's customizable screens and functions allow you to set up your system for just the right balance of security and speed.

Customer Orders

Look Forward... Quickly. BakeSmart has everything you need to handle orders of all kinds. Quickly generate reports and immediately see how your next days, weeks and months are shaping up.

Batch Print Orders. Print all of your orders or production labels with just a few clicks.

Reports for Duty. Order reports tell you exactly what you need to bake to fulfill imminent orders.


Product In... Money Saved. Reordering Inventory is a breeze with BakeSmart's Reorder Items feature. Simply enter the amounts of each product to reorder, and BakeSmart will generate the Purchase Orders. With one more click you can email Purchase Orders to your suppliers.

Barcoded Tracking & HAACP Compliance. BakeSmart automatically assigns a lot number to inventory and prints a barcode label. Simply scan the barcode when adding the ingredient into production, and each batch produced will have total lot tracking accountability and actual ingredient usage costs.

Cost Comparisons.See at a glance which suppliers are giving you the best price, even when purchasing in different weights or quantities. Inventory costs will automatically update when you receive your purchase order.


Build Complex Formulas... Quickly & Easily. BakeSmart also functions as a recipe book. Quickly enter formulas and assign them to your products. Include Add-Ons and Packaging to effortlessly track your paper usage. Use the Special Sauce feature to password protect your secret recipes.

Scale Your Formulas. Use BakeSmart's Resize Formulas feature to scale a formula based on a percentage change, desired yield of a particular product, or batch weight. BakeSmart's Production Module will automatically scale the formulas based on the output required.

Cost Your Products. BakeSmart takes the guesswork out of determining the real total cost of producing a product. Along with tracking materials costs for your formulas, BakeSmart calculates Labor and Machine costs and factors in overhead.


Automatic Batch Generation. BakeSmart generates production batches with a click. Set production based on previous sales levels, bake to par levels, or manually enter how much to produce of each product. Scale production based on the day of the week, month of the year, or both.

Instant Production Reports. BakeSmart automatically creates a batch production report that tells bakers exactly how much of each recipe needs to be created by scaling the formula saved in BakeSmart up or down appropriately.

Touch Screen Production Interface. BakeSmart's barcoding and touch screen functionality takes the guess work out of production. Simply scan an ingredient's Lot Number barcode and know exactly how much of each ingredient is going into each batch. Compare actual vs. estimated usage and costs to find out where waste is occurring.


Delicious Nutrition Labels. BakeSmart has built-in nutritional analysis and FDA nutrition labels for products. Quickly and easily build formulas and print nutritional labels based on product portion sizes using the USDA database built into BakeSmart. If you use an ingredient that isn't in the USDA database, you can create and manage your own custom per 100g values.

Optional Modules

Extend BakeSmart to Other Areas of Your Bakery!

Custom Cakes

Cakes for all occasions. BakeSmart has everything you need to handle all shapes, sizes and types of cake orders. From making split, filled, and decorated cakes to delivery of your special creations the Custom Cakes module gives you total flexibility. Use BakeSmart's POS module to easily record orders and accept payment for them. You can even track rental items.

Gift & Loyalty

Keep Gift Cards In-House and Save. Never pay another Swipe Fee. BakeSmart's built in Gift Card module keeps more of your money in your pocket. We'll even refer you to a quick and reliable gift card printing company.


Deliver Product... and Results. Do you have slack in your production schedule? Taking on wholesale accounts can be a great way to keep your ovens generating money. BakeSmart's Wholesale module is a great tool to manage your wholesale accounts.

BakeSmart Automatically Generates Standing Orders for Each Day of the Week. The Shadow Orders feature processes orders from repeat customers in under a minute.

Time Cards

Manage Timekeeping and Payroll. Use BakeSmart for employee timekeeping. Export time cards to your payroll company with a click. Know your up-to-the-minute labor costs for any pay period.

BakeSmart Online

Stay Open 24/7. With BakeSmart Online, you can continue to sell product, long after the lights have turned off and the ovens have cooled. Customers can browse your product line and place their orders from the comfort of their own home. You receive an email when an order is placed, and with one more click, the order is downloaded into BakeSmart.

Know Your Limits. BakeSmart Online will automatically cut off orders for particular items if your production demands hit capacity.

Custom Cakes. Online. Seriously. Customers can easily select cake flavors, fillings, icings and decorations using BakeSmart Online. They can even upload a photo when ordering edible images.

Simple To Manage. With a click upload products, pictures, descriptions and pricing all from BakeSmart. Click again and online orders are downloaded.


Server-based solution. Recommended for bakeries with multiple locations or more than 3 computers simultaneously accessing BakeSmart. BakeSmart's Enterprise Module offers superior system performance, automatic daily backups and greater system expandability.


Transfer your data to QuickBooks. Eliminate double entry and let BakeSmart send your sales and time card data directly to QuickBooks.

Compatible with all Windows versions of QuickBooks 2011 - 2015

System Requirements

BakeSmart can be installed on OSX and Windows

Minimum Specifications
  • Windows 7 / 8 - We do not support RT
  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athalon 64
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB Hard Disk Space
Recommended Specifications
  • Windows 7 / 8 - We do not support RT
  • i3 - i7 series Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 80 GB Hard Disk Space
Minimum Specifications
  • OSX 10.7 or higher
  • Dual Core Intel Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB Hard Disk Space
Recommended Specifications
  • OSX 10.9
  • i3 - i7 series Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 80 GB Hard Disk Space

If you are not sure if your computers are up to speed, give us a call.

Price List

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