BakeSmart Price List

Base Package
BakeSmart $1500 $150
BakeSmart' s base package includes licenses for 3 computers and the following modules: Point of Sale, Customer Orders, Inventory, Formulas, Production, Product List, and Nutrition & Costing.
Optional Modules
Custom Cakes $500 $25
Take cake orders for all your shapes, sizes, flavors, fillings icings and decorations. The Custom Cakes module gives you total flexibility. Fully integrated with BakeSmart's POS module to easily record orders and accept payment for them.
Gift & Loyalty $500 $15
BakeSmart's built in Gift & Loyalty module keeps more of your money in your pocket. Allow your customers to earn rewards with any purchases or for the number of visits to your bakery.
Time Cards $500 $15
Manage Timekeeping and Payroll. Use BakeSmart for employee timekeeping. Export time cards to your payroll company with a click. Know your up-to-the-minute labor costs for any pay period.
Wholesale Orders $500 $25
Let BakeSmart manage your Standing Orders and take new orders in seconds using our Shadow Orders function.
QuickBooks Integration * $750 $20
Send all of your sales over to QuickBooks and balance them with payments accepted through BakeSmart. Employee time card data is also transferrable.
Enterprise Server Module $1000 $35
Server-based solution. It is recommended for bakeries with multiple locations or more than 4 computers accessing BakeSmart simultaneously. BakeSmart's Enterprise module provides superior system performance, automatic daily backups and greater system expandability.
Additional Station License @ $500 $500 $25
Extend the reach of BakeSmart in your bakery by installing it on additional devices.
Additional Store ** @ $1000 $1000 $35
Let BakeSmart help you manage the complexity of a multi-location business by using our multi-store feature. Separately track sales and orders between stores, manage transfers of product and inventory between the two locations, and assign staff to a specific store. (includes one license)
BakeSmart Online - eCommerce $3000 $50
With a click upload products, pictures, descriptions and pricing all from BakeSmart. Customers can browse your products and place orders (even for custom cakes!). You receive an email when an order is placed, and with one more click, the order is downloaded into BakeSmart.

* QuickBooks Integration compatible with Windows version of QuickBooks only
** Enterprise Server Module required
Hardware sold separately
Price List effective as of 10/8/2016 and is subject to change