URGENT – Credit Card Patch for Heartland Merchants

URGENT – Action Required

Due to changes in security requirements, Heartland is closing down one of their older payment gateways and replacing it with a new one. This change will provide a faster and more secure processing experience. This change is taking effect Wednesday, March 16th.

Unless you take action, you will not be able to process credit cards with Heartland after Wednesday, March 16th. We have released a patch to ensure you’re able to continue processing credit cards uninterrupted. Download the appropriate patch using the links below to each machine that processes credit cards and run the installer. Once complete, please run a test transaction to verify the patch is working properly.

NEW BakeSmart:


OLD BakeSmart:


If you have any issues please contact BakeSmart support at 317-426-0001 x1.

If you’re running transactions through a PAX terminal (EMV) you can disregard this message.

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